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“…you’ve got to make sure you wear the clothes and not [let] the clothes wear you. It’s quite simple in a way. Don’t wear something you totally feel uncomfortable with, but take some chances. Play around a bit.”  – Roger Federer

“If I feel good on court, if I feel like I look good, I play better.” – Caroline Wozniacki

“If you don’t look good you won’t play well.”  -Venus Williams

About Karin, founder and editor of TennisIDENTITY: I am a long time tennis fan and player whose tennis flame was ignited by an admiration for Chris Evert, fascination with John McEnroe and passion for a certain Swede. I am obsessed with tennis fashion, gear and the power of dress. My sneaker selection is enormous. There is a right tennis shoe for every outfit. Take a look at all the brands covering the category. Tennis has come a long way baby, Graduate of Colby College.

My biggest weapon on court? Topspin forehand. My most consistent stroke? Backhand. Weakness? A serve that can’t get me out of trouble.

About Brinke, writer at TennisIDENTITY: Brinke is a tennis fan dating back to the Connors vs. Borg days. Favorite shoe of all time: the Nike McEnroe Air Trainer 1. Favorite frame: the Fila Wud1One. Favorite clothing line and shirt I wish I still had: the original Fila Bj Borg line. Color of my fave Borg jacket: cobalt blue/navy. Favorite club to play at: Harpers Point Racquet Club and Camargo Racquet Club. If I were you I wouldn’t dare hit to my: forehand. Most inconsistent shot: two-handed backhand. Graduate of the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.


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