Tennis Identity

adidas by Stella McCartney — We want the whole line

220_tennis_019 We thought that a fashion designer wouldn’t have styles that really worked on-court. We were wrong. According to Stella McCartney, the adidas line’s designer, "This collection is for women who take their sport and their style seriously. Why should we have to compromise one for the other." Well, we say, there IS a lot of great looking tennis wear out there but when you take a close look at this line, you’ll see what Ms. McCartney means. The detailing on each piece is what makes her tennis tank, for example, a work of art. Some of the pieces are designed for play, the others are cover-ups, to put on or over your court-wear before and after your game.

240_tennis_063 The outfit above — check out the hot little shorts — is all part of the tennis cu (cover up) group. The fabrics are light and comfy. The polo is $100 U.S.D., the blouson jacket $165, and the shorts, $90. The image right shows the beautifully detailed pleated skirt, $100, with tennis hot pants, $60. The fitted tennis tank — not pictured, but $100 — has little enameled buttons up the front and fabric detailing that although sporty, is ultra feminine. The technical fabrics are light and unrestrictive. All of the colors and pieces in this line are not out yet (coming in April) but you can find most of them on line right now at or