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Friend at Court 2008 — Tennis rules you will use

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Friend_at_court_2008 This handbook, put out by the U.S.T.A., answers just about every question you've ever hand on-court during play. Do you get two serves if a ball rolls across the court between your first and second serves? What should you do with the score if someone serves out of order? Looking through this book, we can't find a situation that's not covered. Keep "Friend At Court" in your tennis bag and you will never have to debate a rule again.

Friend At Court 2008 contains: The official ITF Rules of Tennis, ITF Cases and Decisions, The Code: The Player's Guide for Unofficiated Matches, and much more.

This indispensable book is written for tennis officials, tournament administrators and players. It is available on-line at  $6.75 U.S.D. Great book, great price.