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Treat nagging tennis injuries with an icy hug

Torex_elbow Elbow, wrist and knee injuries are common in tennis. Treat or keep them at bay with these new flexible heat or ice sleeves that roll right on and completely cover the injured area. No more moving the pack around to get every spot. The 360-degree coverage allows the entire circumference of the injured area to be treated at one time. How nice is that?

Use these reusable sleeves (microwave for heat, freeze for cold) according to your doctor’s recommendations. You will love how easy they are to use and will find yourself actually following your prescribed icing regime. Each therapy sleeve comes with a fabric insulating layer to put on first to protect your skin from extreme temperatures from the pack.

Torex Radial Medium, Elbow/Foot/Ankle – Hot & Cold Compression Sleeves – 1 Each by TOREXare available in five sizes for different limb circumferences. Measure with an inch to spare for the area you are looking to treat. They have sleeves for the finger, wrist, elbow, knee and thigh.