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A security blanket (ok, vise) for that weak ankle

Aso_white_2This is one of the best ankle supports we’ve found. Wear one and you will feel solid no matter how tough your gets get. Andy Roddick wears one on each ankle. Take a close look at the Roddick image in this site’s February 28 post and you will see them. If you are injured in any way, use the ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis in line with your doctor’s orders. If you are simply concerned because your ankle is weak and turns easily, strap one on to feel more secure.

ASOs take a little time to put on with all the lacing and wrapping of straps but the peace of mind is so worth it!  Ladies, you’ll need to wear this with a taller sock. The manufacturer’s website tells you how to measure for your size to insure the best fit. Visit for more information or to purchase.  All sizes are $39.95 U.S.D. and they come in black and white.