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Condition Thyself for a Stronger Game

Ultimate_conditioning_for_tennis_2Anyone who plays aggressive tennis knows that it’s not enough just to play. ATP and WTA players spend hours strengthening their bodies to improve stamina and power. We’re not saying YOU need to spend hours but even a little fitness training will go a long way to improving your game.

Ultimate Conditioning for Tennis was developed by Alan Pearson the Chief Executive of SAQ International Ltd., an internationally renowned training organization. The book contains tennis specific exercises which are easy to follow and, a good section of which, can be done alone. Some require inexpensive training equipment, a court or a group. The group exercises are great for a clinic or team practice. You can pick and choose what your game needs more of (i.e balance, fast feet, overhead power) or focus more generally on what they call ultimate conditioning.

The book includes sample training sessions both for the professional and recreational weekend player. Buy it at, $15.95 USD.