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Unique towel offers cooling relief in the heat

Coolndry_image_3 This court side towel, the Sammy Cool ‘n Dry, lives up to its name. If you live in the south you will want one year-round. When you are hot, it cools; when you are wet, it dries. The sponge-like hydrophilic, micro porous construction holds water and keeps that water cold, allowing you to cool yourself down between games and dry yourself off between points. Equally important the towel does not drip water all over the court, or down your back. Our entire team brought these towels to regionals and they were an enormous help in the killer heat. The Cool ‘n Dry is washable and comes in a container you can fill with ice water prior to play. We kept ours in a mini cooler with our drinks. Available in blue, yellow and green, the large size is 33 1/4" x 13" and costs $14.95 U.S.D. To purchase or learn more about the Cool ‘n Dry technology go to