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Energize your game with tasty, nutritious body fuel

3_bar_fan_2 You wouldn’t put bad gas in a Porsche, so why put junk in your body? These energy bars are a team favorite because they do the job and taste good; that’s pretty tough in this category. Made with whole, all natural (70 percent organic) ingredients and 23 vitamins and minerals CLIF bars are actually quite healthy for you if you are exercising. When it comes to fueling your body nothing beats real food for energy. These offer a perfect mix of protein, fiber, carbs and essential nutrients that keep you going through extended periods of activity. Our favorites are pictured here — plus chocolate brownie. Our teens even like them.  Around 250 calories per bar, eat one an hour before play or have a few bites between sets as a pick me up. Available in most supermarkets and convenience stores. You can also order or learn more online at This is body fuel that is good for your game and good for the planet.