Tennis Identity

Express your artistic style with whimsical courtside accessories

Annveronica_racquet_bag_3 This set is a great alternative for the recreational player that carries a little less gear and whose game is about friends, exercise and fun. Ann Veronica Handprints are all originals; each piece is designed and silk screened by hand in Maine. The fabrics are beautiful and durable, and the quality of workmanship, exceptional.  Visit Ann Veronica’s website and take a look at the variety of colors and patterns each piece comes in: lobsters in scarlet and berry; dots, circles and flowers in pink, green, violet and taupe; hearts in berry and pink; and a lace-like print in violet and taupe.

The Tennis Racquet Cover and Great Diamond Island Duffle shown here each run $128.00 U.S.D. Other tote and duffel styles range in price from $42.00 – $130.00. Visit to see the beautiful collection of colors and prints. The racquet cover is listed in the site’s accessories section.