Tennis Identity

Get the stink out of those sweaty tennis clothes

Win_detergent_4 Tennis apparel makers have done a great job developing workout wear that effectively manages moisture and body heat. You may have noticed however, that these same fabrics tend to hang onto odors, rendering even the finest athletic clothing unpleasant smelling even after washing.

WIN High performance sport detergent’s super oxygenated cleaning technology specifically targets workout odors and stains, eliminating embedded sweat molecules and smells that can overwhelm athletic fabric over time. It really works. We tossed in a load of mens’ tennis shirts we thought were at the end of their road and they came back nicely refreshed. WIN retails for $6.99 U.S.D. for 21 oz., is biodegradable based on OECD standards, and is available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, specialty stores in the US and at

The U.S. Olympic team has adopted the brand as their detergent of choice, a good vote of confidence for sure.