Tennis Identity

Nice pants. They work for Nadal, why not you?

80104011_nike_rnadal_dubai_5Raphael Nadal’s tennis identity is uniquely his. Pictured here at the 2008 ATP Dubai Tennis Championship he is wearing the signature 3/4 pants and sleeveless muscle baring top that define his look (along with his awesome game, of course). We wonder why Raphael is the only pro wearing these very cool looking pants and why we don’t we see more of them in recreational tennis? Although you might think that it would be restricting to play a hard game wearing longish pants, Nadal’s number 2 position in the ATP rankings indicates they don’t cramp HIS style.

One of our team members loves these pants and in fact, has them in every color. He says he likes them because they are different, comfortable and really don’t feel like pants; made with super light stretch fabric, they don’t slow him down at all. One additional bonus is that they keep leg muscles warmer than shorts and that helps with big gets a la Nadal.

Nadal’s top is Nike’s Global Power Sleeveless Top, $55.00 U.S.D. and the pant, Nike Global 3/4 pants, also $55.00. Both are made with Dri-Fit stretch. Shop or Image top left, Julian Finney/Getty Images. Image bottom right, Karim Sahib/Getty Images.