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GU2O for hydration and stamina in the heat of battle

Gu2oboxopenrgbWe’ve been drinking Gatorade for a while now, often cutting it with water, because it feels a little heavy, especially in the heat. We saw this sports drink mix at a bike shop and decided to give it a try. GU2O is "engineered" for cyclists and other endurance athletes. How about three long sets in 90 degree heat?

Here’s what’s in it: Sodium (to replace what you sweat out), Potassium (to help regulate your body’s electrical system), and Carbs (for sustained energy, "to stave off a bonk"). The flavoring, and it is VERY light, is an all natural blend of ingredients. Each serving delivers 140 very calculated calories. Mix the powder with water and you’ve got your hydration set. Flavors include: orange, raspberry, tango mango and lemon lime. Raspberry was a favorite.  Suggested retail for the individual packets is $1.10 USD and for the larger container $17.00. Find a retailer near you at