Tennis Identity

OTZ — A different kind of shock absorber

My_racketweb3packotzA vibration dampener by design reduces the  vibrations generated by hitting. Most dampeners simply absorb the vibration; this one, made by OTZ,  is designed to absorb and then carry energy away from the strings and frame. A test run proved it does the job.

Modeled after the standard office supply rubber bands pros have used over the years, this band is made of a special compound that works even harder for you. If you suffer from tennis elbow, this might help to reduce what that pained elbow absorbs every time you hit. We liked that once tied on the colorful OTZ is secure and won’t fly off mid point. The OTZ comes in a variety of fun colors. Tri-packs run $4.95 USD and two-packs, $3.95. Order yours at