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A USTA Membership Offers Plenty of Opportunities to Play

Usta_2c_sec_wm Those of you who are not already members, think about joining the USTA. Aside from the great discounts and early-bird sales on USTA sponsored tournaments, you will find people in your area, at your level who are just as passionate about tennis to play with. If your tennis club offers a league, jump in and your match play will be all set. If you’d rather go it alone, look through the USTA tournaments listed in your area. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or if you haven’t played in a while. There are great opportunities at every level.

Check it out. Go to and click on "Tennis Link Membership" in the upper right hand corner. Click on "Tournaments" and you will be taken to the "Tournament Finder" page where you can look for tournaments in your area. There are hundreds nationally, each one is listed by level so no fear Mr. Former  College Player, you will not be playing Joe Beginner. Click on your region, adult, singles, etc. You may need to self rank, and the site gives you an opportunity to do so. The following link offers a little ranking tutorial. Get yourself an USTA number and start signing up. You’ll have some great matches to look forward to. A little healthy competition is great for everyone’s game. A one-year individual USTA membership is $40 USD, for a family it’s $65.