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Gamma’s Tackiest — aptly named, a Smart Grip

Gamma_smart_grip_overgrip Look for this hand print on the Gamma Smart Grip Overgrip package. If you like tacky grips you’ll love this one. The "DermaGrip" surface offers your hand great traction and control. The material stretches thin as you wrap it over your existing racquet grip so there is no wrinkly build up.

According to the guys at Gamma there is no hard and fast rule about replacing overgrips. Simply put, when it’s not working for you anymore, replace it. The tack does last a while on this one. Definitely not a one and done.

This overgrip comes in a package of three. It retails for $3.50 and comes in black, blue and white.There are a lot of recreational players out there with incredibly dirty looking overgrips. At this price (about $1.16 per), were not sure why more don’t change it up more frequently. Look for Gamma overgrips at or find a retailer at