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Grand Slam Time for Prince’s Aerotech

Prince_montanes_2Prince is making its presence known, appearing head to toe on twenty-eight Roland Garros players this year

Pictured here is Albert Montanes in the very comfortable, breathable Aerotech Comp ss crew 2, $40 USD. It comes in six colors; Montanes wears national blue. The shirt has mesh panels built into the underarms and down the back. The shorts are the Aerotech comp short 4, $35. Again, breathable with anti-static technology so they don’t cling and rub.

Montanes sneakers are from the new Prince Men’s O Series. His are the OC-1s, $110. Optimum cushioning and breathable synthetic leather make these super comfortable for dynamic players. Pictured below is the new OV-1 with a darker look; a trend we’re seeing a lot of on the home courts.


Learn more or find a retailer near you at Prince Tennis. Tennis-Warehouse carries some of the Aerotech line.