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QuickStart Tennis Grows an Early Love of the Game Fast. Get Your Kids Out There!

Quickstart_tennis You love tennis. Wouldn’t it be great if your kids loved it too? Tennis can be frustrating to learn. Kids want to rally and if they can’t enthusiasm hits the road. QuickStart Tennis is a new program being introduced nationwide by the USTA for kids ages 4-10; think of it as the t-ball of tennis. QuickStart has morphed into names like pee-wee tennis or mini-tennis but essentially it involves a smaller net, court and over sized or low compression balls. The balls are easier to track and the rallies…well get out there and give it a try…the rallies these little players have are tremendous! Totally fun, easy and yes, addictive.

Ask your club or recreation department if they offer this program or go to Quick Start Tennis to find one near you. If you want to go it alone with your kids, it’s a great driveway or hard-top game. You will need a mini collapsible net (in carrying case), sponge balls and racquets. Racquets start at 19" long for a child between 3 and 4 feet tall.  The taller the kid, the longer the racquet. You can order supplies on the QuickStart site or at Tennis-Warehouse. Look there for the Head Junior tennis Net for $39.99 USD, Gamma Revolution Foam Balls (a 12 pack is $29.99). Junior-sized racquets start at $16.95.  The QuickStart tennis site is loaded with more detailed information about this great new program. Have fun playing with your kids now because in a few years they WILL be beating you.