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Are You on Roctane? Energy Gel for Fight Time

Guroctane_packaging_2Just out this month, GU’s Roctane ultra endurance energy gel, is being billed as the most advanced energy gel ever made. This particular formulation provides high concentrations of branched chain amino acids and other performance critical ingredients. Roctane is designed especially for serious endurance athletes like ironmen and triathletes. It might be a just a tad more than the recreational player needs but then again, you be the judge. It’s available in Blueberry Pomegranate and Vanilla Orange and retails for $2.50 per packet.

We HAVE seen quite a few on-tour pros sneaking extra energy between games from little packets like these however. Djokovic recently grabbed one AFTER a win, presumably for recovery.  We suspect the players are using one of Gu’s other products, Gu energy gel which supplies sustained energy through its maltodextrin based carbohydrate formula. We’ve tried it ourselves and love the quick lift and clarity it gives when that slow, heavy feeling begins to dog you. We like chocolate outrage and vanilla bean best; they taste like frosting — seriously. There are six other flavors to choose from, $1.25 each. This stuff really works.

Go to GU to learn more, see ingredients and find out where to buy.