Tennis Identity

Ame and Lulu’s Racquet Bag Adds Pretty Prep to Your Game

Kimono_tennis_tote_by_ame_luluFor the woman who just doesn’t go for logo laden tennis gear, this is a fun, casual option. Pictured here is one of Ame & Lulu’s tennis totes made from cotton canvas fabric. The fabric pictured here is kimono. There are a variety of gorgeous, eye-catching prints, complemented by a solid bright interior. The versatile tote is canvas on the outside but quilted so soft against your body and definitely ample. You can fit a racquet in the interior velcro pocket. Another compartment holds a jacket and change of shoes. Five outside pockets hold tennis balls, water, energy bars, anything you want to grab quickly between games. The straps are long enough to throw over your shoulder comfortably.

Check out the vibrant collection in its entirety online at Ame & Lulu. The Tennis Tote runs $98 USD. They also make a more traditionally shaped racquet bag with strap, $112.00 and a cosmetic bag set, $56, in every print. These are quality bags, luxurious, borderline preppy. You can picture them on the well tended clay in the Hamptons.