Tennis Identity

Athletic Ionic Gear from TRION:Z

Trionz We’ve heard and read a lot about using magnets to increase energy and reduce joint pain. There are many styles out there, some of them disguised as beads and other jewelry, but in a nutshell, the team wears them because we think magnets work.

The problem for many of the guys was that they didn’t/wouldn’t wear jewelry, especially on court. We found these from TRION:Z which come in a myriad of colors and a few different styles. If you look closely you’ll see a number of players wearing them. We’ve seen them on Andy Roddick, Ashley Harkleroad and many golfers. They are soft and pliable. Easy to slip on or in the case of the necklace, click on. They are made with "stayers" a unique textile with minus-ion producing minerals woven into the fabric. Trion:Z also uses axially magnetized magnets in a patented Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation to maximize the magnetic flow. There is background on the therapeutic use of magnets on the  TRION:Z site as well as a health warning to pregnant, pacemaker wearers and other health compromised individuals. Please ask your doctor if you are concerned. The necklace above runs $29.95 USD. The bracelets, $19.95. The broadband, a wider model, not pictured, $24.95. Tennis-Warehouse has them in stock as well. Give them a try. We thought they were great.