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New ProPenn+ Tennis Balls Offer Longer Wear and Greater Visibility

Pro_penn_2Our team has been filling clinic ball-hoppers with Pro Penn for years; it is our choice for durability and lasting bounce. With the Pro Penn+, Penn has taken longer lasting to a new level. You WILL be able to use the same balls more than once.

According to marketing materials, the ball’s core, constructed with Encore Technology, limits ball softening and the new LongPlay felt lasts 25 percent longer than the original ProPenn and stays cleaner and therefore brighter than the original ProPenn. You can definitely get some good practice use out of these balls after you’ve hit with them in a match. ProPenn is the official ball of the USPTA and has been for 35 years, another good endorsement.

Available in two versions, for hard or clay/grass court use, the ProPenn+ is a pro/specialty shop exclusive and unfortunately will not be available to consumers on line. Pop the top at Penn to learn more. The curious among us can watch their manufacturing video there too. Interesting; now we know.