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Prince Extends O3 Speedport Black Line with Two New Versions

Prince_o3_speedport_black_2 Building on the success of the original O3 Speedport Black, Prince has just introduced two new versions of the popular racquet so that more player types can enjoy it.

Alongside the O3 Speedport Black (used by the Bryan brothers) is the new O3 Speedport Black Team, a lighter, more maneuverable version. This racquet may appeal to the competitive junior player who likes the feel of the original black but needs something lighter. This stick is available in grip size zero (0).

The O3 Speedport Black Longbody is designed for more advanced players who want a longer frame for reach and court coverage as well as to generate even faster racquet head speed, (so more power and spin).

All Prince O3 Speedport Blacks are customizable with string port inserts that add to hitting feel. They call it the SpeedPort Tuning system. There are numerous color choices too. No fewer than 2,400 possibilities to make your O3 Black uniquely yours.  Learn more or find a retailer at Prince Tennis. Online purchasers can go to Tennis Warehouse to demo or buy. The new versions should be in shortly. MSRP $220.00 USD on all models.