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Rafa’s New Wimbledon Winning Shorts

Nike_longer_length_shorts_2Rafael Nadal always looks sharp but he hasn’t changed much style-wise in the past months, aqua-blue sleeveless in Miami, same top in green in France, white in England. We did notice a change in his shorts however, which are looser fitting than the summer global 3/4 "toreador" pants he’s worn in the past. Maybe he requested an unrestrictive fit around the knee as they are both taped every match these days. Well the looser fit stepped right up for him didn’t it? Rafael Nadal won the hard fought Wimbledon match up vs. Federer wearing the new Nike Dri-FIT longer length men’s short. They have an elastic waist, are 13" long and come in red, black and white, MSRP $ 55 USD. A patch of chamois is built into the back leg for wiping sweaty palms during play. Nice touch. Rafa’s fav top is Nike Dri-FIT Power Sleeveless, $55, offering Dri-FIT fabric and UV protection. Learn more and find both pieces at Nike or Tennis-Warehouse.