Tennis Identity

Roger’s Style at Wimbledon

Roger_federer_2 We’ve seen Roger in action recently wearing the Nike London Men’s Polo Shirt, $65 USD paired with the Control Men’s Tennis Short, MSRP $45 USD. The gold accented version of the shirt is only available to Roger. He has also teamed the 9" shorts with the uncollared, Men’s Fall Control UV crew $45. His current sneaker of choice is the Nike Air Zoom Vapor V, $115.

As you can see from the blended images here, the man’s Wimbledon style hasn’t changed much over the years (ok, he has cut his hair). The performance built into his clothing has however. All of Roger’s new pieces offer a classic look for the tennis purist who doesn’t want to miss out on the benefits of the newest performance technology. No word yet on when/if the new gold trimmed RF sweater and white slacks will be available. We’ll let you know. For now, look for most of Roger Federer’s choices and learn more at Nike or at Tennis-Warehouse. P.S. — There is a funny, very un-Roger Bond-like video on the Nike site, here.