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Personal Exercise Bands to Strengthen Your Tennis Game

Ripcords__2 Fitness is a big part of tennis and if your tennis facility doesn’t offer weight training equipment this means another club membership or home equipment. Pricey. We’ve seen circuit pros (men and women) warming up with exercise bands prior to matches. They hook them over the net post or fence and warm up shoulders, arms and legs.

What we didn’t realize was that you can get a great whole body workout with a complete set of these bands. Each color offers a different level of resistance. Requiring storage space about the size of a large tissue box, you can work out anywhere you have a little room to move. The brand we checked out, Ripcords, offers a DVD called Circuit 7 which outlines a 7 minute total body workout beginner to expert. We liked the easy to hold handles on each of the bands and the workout was great. Package prices range between $39.95 and $67.90 USD.  The six-pack is also available at Tennis-Warehouse.