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Watch Davis Cup Action on TV — USA vs. Spain. Who Will Avoid The Bull? Plus More From All Over The World.

Sam_querry_raphael_nadal_2 Davis Cup World Group Semifinals and Playoffs run September 19-21. Semifinal match ups include: Argentina vs. Russia in Buenos Aires, and Spain vs. defending title-holders, team USA in Madrid. The winning teams advance to face each other at the World Finals, November 21-23.

Sam Querry and Raphael Nadal will play each other Friday to kick off the best-of-five match series between Spain and USA. Who will avoid the bull? Spanish Captain Emilio Sanchez referred to this Spanish expression during today’s press-conference, fitting for a match played inside a bullfighting ring. Andy Roddick will play David Ferrer in the second singles match.

World Group Playoffs also this weekend include: Great Britain vs. Austria, Switzerland vs. Belgium, Croatia vs. Brazil, Israel vs. Peru, Netherlands vs. Korean Rep., and Slovak Republic vs. Serbia.  The winners advance to World Group in 2009

To find out where and when to watch all the action, go to to the Davis Cup website; click on the match you want, then click the "View TV Schedule" icon. You can also view team team line ups and draws.

US fans can purchase US Davis Cup gear at the USTA shop online under Davis Cup Gear. We especially like the Davis Cup Team Men’s Zip Microfiber Navy Pullover ( $64 USD) and Davis Cup Skullcap ($20 USD). Image: USTA/Davis_cup_skullcap_2Ron Angle