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2008 Hydration Round-Up — New For Today’s Player Thinking Performance and Recovery

For today’s athlete, hydration involves far more than a drink of water. 2008 saw the release of some great new offerings:

Cherrypharm  CherryPharm. An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Forget about it. How about 50 cherries? This tart cherry juice drink is downright delicious. Drinking one 8 fl. oz. bottle of CherryPharm natural fresh is the equivalent of eating 50 fresh ones loaded with phyto-nutrients. According to test results CherryPharm has more antioxidants than any other beverage on the market. It has been clinically proven to lessen pain and speed recovery from exercise induced aches and pains  $49.99 USD for a case of 24 8 oz bottles. Visit CherryPharm to buy or learn more.

PureSport PureSport. PureSport offers athletes two pre-packaged drink mixes, one for during and one for after your workout. Both feature whey protein isolate, anti-oxidants, electrolytes and natural sugars in their formulation. We liked the taste (we tried fruit punch) and found it not too heavy. Olympic gold-medalist Michael Phelps uses and endorses the product, saying that he’s “noticed a huge difference in [his] productivity and energy level using PureSport.” That’s a decent endorsement seeing as the guy won 8 golds and broke 7 world records. Visit PureSport for more information or to buy. The starter kit pictured here is $19.99 (8 servings).

Zym Zym. This drink mix is a breeze to concoct — absolutely no mess. Available in a tube of 10 tablets, toss one in a 16-20 oz water bottle and shake it up to fight off dehydration, fatigue, muscle pain and lactic acid build up while you play. Zym contains guarana caffeine for those who want the extra boost, plus sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and essential B12 vitamins. Visit Zym to learn more or buy. Also available at Tennis-Warehouse. Three tubes (30 tablets total) is $26.97.