Tennis Identity

With LACOSTE’s 2009 Tennis Line Imminent, Jérémy Chardy Motivates.

JérémyChardy_copyright_ RonAngle Jérémy Chardy, currently ranked 73rd worldwide, is one of LACOSTE's brand ambassadors (and a looker to boot). On Saturday, December 13 he joins the teaching teams of the Fête le Mur Association on the tennis courts of France's Pau site to participate in training activities.

Fête le Mur Association is located in the
heart of 25 Sensitive Urban Zones. Yannick Noah is President of the organization. Fête le Mur allows disadvantaged children to practice tennis, improve and for some, find a professional outlet teaching the sport. The association is supported by partners including the René Lacoste Foundation. 

BTW Chardy's shirt, pictured here is the short sleeve super-dry zip chest striped polo. It's on sale at the moment (reg. $95 USD), so if you like it, the price is right. The gator decorated terry head and wrist bands are $9 and $8 respectively. Find at LACOSTE. Stay tuned on what's coming up for 2009. Image copyright: Ron Angle.