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On This Day In Tennis History. Tennis tidbits for every day of the year.

On this day in tennis history Just out, Randy Walker’s  On This Day in Tennis History is a tasty mini-encyclopedia of tennis events and anecdotes, 1920s to current day. January 1 through December 31, not a day is skipped. The well written entries include major tournament victories, summaries of great matches, trivia, statistics as well as little known and quirky happenings. I went right for my birthday which in 1996 turns out to be the day Andre Agassi was disqualified from a match for the first and only time in his career. It was also the day in 2005 that Rafael Nadal beat Agassi in Montreal. There were of course better days for the guy. The day of the cover shot is just one.

This is a great coffee-table pick up, an essential for the tennis enthusiast or sports fan with a Jeopardy loving mindset.