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Grip Gripe? Try Something New.

Babolat VS Original As with racquets and gear, everyone likes something a little different. There are around nineteen retailers selling overgrips, each one offering multiple choices so no excuses, there is something out there for you. The point is to make your racquet feel fresh and familiar every time you step out to play. Sweaty hands? Go with something absorbent like Tournagrip. Dry hands? Go tacky. Gamma offers Smart Grip. Want a little something extra to hold onto? Try something with treads. Wilson sells the new Pro Overgrip Perforated

Overgrips do wear out. When yours doesn't feel right anymore, unwrap and pop on a fresh one. Some rec players really let theirs get dirty before they make a change. Puhleeze…at under $4 for a pack of 3, that's cheap refreshment for anyone's game.

We've had a few inquiries about the grip Caroline Wozniacki is currently using in New Zealand. It's the yellow Babolat VS Original, the thinnest overgrip on the market today. With a smooth uninhibiting surface and a .4 mm thickness, this is the choice of many pros who require total feel and control over their racquet – nothing extra.  Kind of a "nothing comes between between me and my Calvins" thing. The yellow version Caroline is using looks snap with the bright yellow tops adidas has her in this season. Tennistas, look around, overgrips come in a multitude of colors; just another way to look put together on court.

PS The Babolat VS three pack comes in a little case you can toss in your racquet bag, keeping the fresh overgrips together and clean. Nice extra.

Find a retailer at Babolat, Gamma or Wilson or find them all at Tennis-Warehouse.