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Jelena Jankovic and ANTA. Thinking Green With a New Sports Apparel Line.

Jelena Jankovic Australian Open 09 

Jelena Jankovic, currently the world's number one on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, has inked a landmark deal in women's tennis with leading Chinese sports brand ANTA. She stepped out at the Australian Open freshly dressed in ANTA's  patina green shift accented with yellow. It's a sleekly simple design in colors signifying spring's revitalizing effect. They could also symbolize Jelena's strengthened physique and very nice deal — but that's reading way in.

Where to buy? The good news is that Jelena is going to have her own line (see the shoes below) with a full range of sport products under the JJ name reflecting the fashion sense of the tennis star/designer. The bad news, well, only bad for some of us, Jelena's Australian Open dress is only available in ANTA retail stores in China, Singapore, Vietnam, the Phillipines and Serbia.  The new JJ line will first roll out in Mainland China and pending success, on to the retail shops outside China. Congratulations Jelena.

Anta_Jelena Jankovic_3 

Jelena's signature adorns the back of her new JJ footwear line.

Top image: Sony Ericsson WTA Tour/Getty Images. Bottom image: ANTA

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  1. ANTA is losing out on sales around the world by not marketing online, which could be enormous, considering the numbers interested in it’s line of tennis clothing alone.

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