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Babolat Launches New Y Racquet, An Oversize Offering Power AND Precision.

Babolat Y 112 RSG Babolat Y 118Babolat has just unveiled its newest racquet line, the Babolat Y, an oversized series offering players both power and precision, something many oversize racquets do not. These racquets were designed specifically for the club player, men and women, age 40+ who play recreationally and/or competitively several times a week. Many of these players already use an oversized head. The four key technologies in the Y's construction: side drivers, dual-graphite construction cellular grommet system and smart grip, combine to deliver optimal power in every swing and absolute precision in every shot.

The Y line includes the: Babolat Y112 Limited, $249 USD; Y112 (on left), $229.00; Y112 with smart grip, $229; and Y118 (on right) with or without smart grip, $239. Babolat VS Natural Gut String is recommended for all of the racquets for added comfort and forgiveness. The optional ergonomic smart grip, makes holding the racquet less of an effort for older hands.

The Y112 Limited is for a higher level player with a fuller swing than the other versions of the Y which will benefit a player with a shorter swing, i.e., slice and place players.

There's lots more to know so check it all out or find a retailer at Babolat. Tennis-Warehouse will also carry the Y and offers a a demo program.

3 thoughts on “Babolat Launches New Y Racquet, An Oversize Offering Power AND Precision.”

  1. I got the chance to demo the Babolat Y112 w/ smart grip last weekend, and I was super impressed! The grip was more comfortable than I thought it would be, and I hit longer shots without a lot more effort. I don’t really “need” a new racquet but won’t hold out much longer before getting one! Try it out!

  2. i have just seen these raquets on the tennis warehouse site and they look pretty good but they say for people of the age of 40 but im only 12 so only 28 years

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