Tennis Identity

“Is Tennis Hip Again?” asks the Wall Street Journal

TI Image lo res Tennis has always been hip within its inner circles but it appears to be catching on again with the masses. Thanks to a tremendous effort by the USTA and TIA to bolster community and team programming and WTA/ATP backed pro talent whose games and personalities have garnered commercial endorsements outside of tennis the game is growing. Today's tennis identities have become household names like Chris Evert and Bjorn Borg were (and still are). According to today's Wall Street Journal, "Fresh data from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association suggests that the fastest growing sport in the country is…tennis. After years of stagnation participation has grown 43% since 2000 and jumped 9.6% last year, while baseball, golf, gymnastics and football shed participants over the same period." The days of empty public courts may be over. That's a really good thing for our game.