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Prince Premier LT 16 is no.1 overall synthetic string U.S. Stringer’s Assoc.

Prince PREMIER LT 16 string Racquet Sports Industry (RSI) magazine has just reported that Prince Premier LT 16 has been chosen as the #1 overall synthetic string ever tested by the United States Stringers Association. Wow. That’s quite a statement seeing as the team has tested 124 kinds of synthetic string over the years. “With Premier LT, the excellence was virtually across the board,” reports RSI’s March issue. “The only other string we’ve tested with similar across-the-board scores is a natural gut.”

Prince Premier LT is a multifilament string offering Linear Technology for great control, comfort and touch, like gut but without the price tag. It was included in my recent article on string choices in on THE BASELINE. Premier LT 16 is an excellent choice for players with a tendency to tennis-elbow. It is also the recommended string for the Prince EXO3Red 105 and EXO3 Silver 118.

MSRP: $16 USD per package

Learn more or find a retailer at Prince or buy at Tennis-Warehouse.