Tennis Identity

Road Warrior. Spotted at a Tournament. The RAFA tee.

Nike Rafa Tee  Mine are junior tournament weekend warriors and there are thousands out there across the country. Every weekend, driving, playing, losing, winning, waiting, eating and drinking out of coolers, and driving home again late at night stopping for a quick dinner at the nearest Subway. If your kid wins, you do it again Sunday.

The players are impressive in their focus and drive (especially the teens who are passing up a lot of social time for the game). Some parents are less so but most are simply driver warriors who have given up weekends to "do tournaments."

And so begins an occasional highlight of a junior player's wardrobe item that pops out of the blur that is junior tournament weekends. Check out this dri-fit  RAFA tee. Loved the U-12 guy who stepped out wearing this and the signature headband. $30 USD. at Nike and Tennis-Warehouse.