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Recycle Those Tennis Balls, Racquets and Shoes. Be Good to Mama Earth.

We've all been party to recycling efforts at tournaments (bottles and cans) but there are organizations working hard to get the game to recycle gear. Here's where and how you and your club can get involved:  

Rebounces Recycling Tennis Balls logo Rebounces (logo left) makes the game's biggest throw-away item, the tennis ball, a recyclable and money saving commodity. The company has mastered repressurizing tennis balls to their original bounce — we're not talking tournament balls here, but practice balls or hopper balls; clubs go through hundreds changing over entire baskets every two to three months. Rebounces will accept balls in good condition (batches of 250)  and will even pay for shipping. They supply clubs who use their ball rotation system giving used balls a second or often third chance on life (depending on felt quality) at a very nice price.

Got a few old but still ok racquets in your garage?  Tennis Racquets for Kids is an organization that accepts racquets in good condition and distributes them to financially challenged kids and teens. 

Holy footwear? Nike Reuse-A-Shoe provides players with an option for their worn ragged sneakers. Recycle your tennis shoes through the program and turn them into Nike Grind, a material used in sport surfaces.

Alternatively there is, of course, Goodwill or Salvation Army that will put your gently worn tennis items in front of someone who will really use them. Tennis gear is expensive but public courts are free so help someone less fortunate to enjoy our great game and be kind to mama earth to boot.

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