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Victoria Azarenka Electric in Electrolime.

Victoria Azarenka 

Victoria Azarenka, aka Vika, will meet Serena Williams Saturday, this time healthy (hopefully), and for the Sony Ericsson Open title.

Vika's gear: Azarenka plays with the Head MicroGEL Extreme Pro with Teflon polymer, $200 USD. Pictured above in Miami she wears the Nike Women's Slam Day Tank, $60, and Skort, $60 in white with electrolime accents. There'a cute cover-up top for this outfit too, the electrolime Nike Women's Trend Cover up, terry with a vivid pink zipper, $60. Sharp. Could she look more color coordinated?

Find a racquet retailer at Head or shop Nike or Tennis-Warehouse.

Image Matthew StockmanGetty Images. Sony Ericsson WTA Tour

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  1. Meant to add that the back is a big story in fashion this spring, so the added interest there is fitting. Nike is right on top of the trends and colors of the moment.

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