Tennis Identity

Raphael Nadal at Roland Garros. Pure Passion in Pink.

Raphael Nadal Roland Garros 2009 

Yes, real men wear pink. Case closed. Howard Fendrich, AP Tennis Writer quoted Raphael Nadal as saying, " It's better than dress the same color every week, no?" Absolutely, we all nod in awe. Rock on. You are the man.

Pictured here in first round Roland Garros action Nadal switched things up again with more than a little dash of the vibrant pink being used fashion industry wide for pop. The top is Nike's Summer Bold Open Polo, light rose with electrolime stripe $60; the shorts, Bold Open Men's Tennis Shorts in charcoal $55; signature bandana $15 and wrist bands $10 in electrolime. His shoes, the Nike Air Max Courtballistec 1.3 classic charcoal vivid pink and white $120 which he appears to own in all color combinations.

I'm not sure many tennis mortals can pull off this look in its entirety without appearing a little presumptuous but grab what you can and what works for your game.

Rafa plays with the Babolat AeroProDrive Cortex.

Find his gear at Nike and Tennis-Warehouse

Image: Getty Images/Matthew Stockman.