Tennis Identity

Robert Tuchman, author of “100 Sporting Events You Must See Live.” Addicted.

100 Sporting Events You Must See Live Robert Tuchman is a tennis addict with an enviable job.  As president of Premiere Corporate Events he has attended many of the world's biggest sporting events, multiple times. Pulling from his experiences he has just published The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live: An Insider’s Guide to Creating the Sports Experience of a Lifetime  ($17.95 USD).

As you might expect of a tennis lover he has included all of the slams although none of them are in the top 10. Just one away, at #11 is Wimbledon; the U.S. Open is  #48; Roland Garros, #54; and the Australian # 84 out of the possible 100. Tennis crazed readers you will have to take up the ranking philosophy with Tuchman yourself but what is noteworthy about the entries is the depth to which they go to present how to best take in and enjoy each of the big-deal events live.

The book is a  Frommer's-esque guide for sports travel fanatics who want to delve into a pilgrimage of live sports events but don’t know where to start. Covered are: ticket brokers, travel and hotel recommendations, best on-site hospitality and local restaurants. I like the Insider’s Edge sections which offers key tidbits that only a regular would know. “It doesn’t matter how large a screen fits into your living room,” says Tuchman. “Absolutely nothing compares to the raw energy and excitement you feel when you’re there live cheering alongside thousands of fans.” Gotta agree there.

Robert Tuchman About Tuchman’s tennis game; he's an all-court player and lover of singles; rec player since age six; favorite surface: grass; racquet: Prince Speedport Silver; attire: required whites when playing at the Westside Tennis Center in Forest Hills, New York (pictured) but  basic tees and shorts on NYC Central Park Courts; label loves: Nike and Under Armour; weapon: a two handed backhand that delivers a mean flat ball; past tennis influencer: Andre Agassi; current influencer Rafael Nadal;  Facebook friends with Nick Bolletieri (who shares interest in the New York Yankees); Dreams to play on: Center Court at Arthur Ashe.

With what Tuchman does for a living, that dream's a possible reality.