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TENNIS Magazine’s Adam Milner. Addicted.

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Adam Milner was recently named associate publisher for TENNIS Magazine, SMASH and, insanely good news to a guy who is indeed addicted to the game. Milner can now very reasonably take his beloved racquet to work, something that didn't sync quite so well in his previous role at Google. About his game:

Singles or doubles: "Singles."

Favorite surface:"Clay, red or Har-Tru."

Best Stroke: "Forehand."

Baseliner or all-court:"Mostly a baseliner but I'm starting to become an all-court player. Short points are better on the legs."

Degree of addiction:  "I left a great job at Google to grow a brand and sport I’ve been involved with since I was a kid; I've been playing tennis pretty much non-stop for 24 years."

Historical: "I played competitively in high school and in junior level USTA. I don't recall a ranking but got good enough to be allowed free court time at my club. That was great incentive. I think I played every day back then. I only played recreationally in college — but took it as a class and got an A."

USTA rank: "Possibly around a 4.5, but not official."

Stick: "I'm actually looking for something new and am gravitating to the new Fischer Black Granite Tour* which I found in the TENNIS racquet-sample closet.The three rackets I used as a junior are the Prince CTS lightening, Wilson ProStaff 4.5 and Yonex RQ380." Clearly not brand devoted in this category.

Tennis style/Label loves: "The cat-suit which Serena stole from me. When it’s at the cleaners, I wear a fair of Nike shorts and a loose fitting collarless Under Armour shirts."

Male pro you'd most like to play like or you can relate to their style: "I'm an Agassi fan, but would like to have an all-court game like Federer.  My game probably most resembles Courier's with a quick serve and an unconventional two-handed backhand."

Favorite female pro and why? "I had a crush on Sabatini when I was in 7th grade.  I think Graf had a beautiful game and was the most fun to watch."

Why you play? "I love competition, plus it’s a great workout. I also honestly enjoy hitting with beginners at grassroots-style events.  Getting people into the sport is something I hope to do more of."

Court time: "2 times a week, often with someone from the St. John's University tennis team."

Favorite tennis venues: "Summers at Lake Success where they have red clay and hard courts.  Winters at the Port Washington Tennis Academy (home of John McEnroe)."

Tennis thanks: "My father got me into the game and supported me as a junior player.  In addition to paying for all of my gear, lessons and full range of Agassi clothing (including the denim spandex shorts), he stepped onto the court whenever I asked him to.  We had some epic battles and improved each other’s games."

As associate publisher at TENNIS Magazine, Milner will head-up the development of integrated solutions for TENNIS, SMASH and

*Fischer will debut the Black Granite Tour during the U.S Open