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Andy Murray to Wear Fred Perry Revival at Wimbledon.

Andy Murray Fred Perry Wimbledon 2009 2 Andy Murray has been wearing a jazzier than usual Fred Perry crew for the last few tournaments but he's about to switch things up and go back to some serious classics. Beginning with Wimbledon, Andy and his brother Jamie will wear a new Fred Perry line designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the line's namesake's birth.

Bright white collared polo, double dark green accents, a v-neck cable stitch sweater and vest, and shorter shorts (not THAT short really). This is a style that has lived on through older generations whose thriftiness has prevented them from tossing the relics of tennis past. Well the look is back and a whole lot of freshened up — did you know Andy could look this refined? No sideburns here. Purist retro lovers will eat this up. Andy Murray Fred Perry Wimbledon 2009

Andy will wear the champion's clothes complete with laurel wreath and A.M. initials while working to achieve what no British man has since Fred Perry himself in 1936, win Wimbledon.

 The Special Edition 100 Year Fred Perry Shirt and  line is available online at Fred Perry. We don't get the AM initials though — like RF, that's just for the pro.

Images: Nick Griffiths

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