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C’mon, time to check out Yonex mens. Lleyton Hewitt’s Style and Gear

Lleyton Hewitt_09 US_Open 1 YonexHave to say that I personally don't see much Yonex on the US courts.Time to give it a rip mates; it's great stuff. Pictured here in New York Lleyton Hewitt wore it head to toe. He's been with the company since 1998.

His racquet: the Yonex RDiS 100 Mid, $189 (a 4.5+ level player's racquet); The shirt is the loose fitting Performance crew in white and grass green, $49.99 (the graphic is great) and the Performance Tournament short in black with green piping, $46.99. On his feet the lightweight Power Cushion 306, also in silver and green, $109. I also really like the white red and navy version of the shirt.Lleyton Hewitt_09US_Open 2 Yonex

The mid weight performance fabric Yonex uses is called Very Cool, appropriately named as it is made with Xylitol which, according to research, offers an overall body cooling effect by lowering the skin's surface temperature by 3 degrees. Built in ventilation panels offer additional cooling.

Hewitt's whole range of 2009 tournament shirts is available online. Looking forward to see what's up for Australia 2010.

Find it all through Yonex or Tennis-Warehouse.

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  1. Even though this guy has dropped from top 10 to top 20 something I still love watching him play. The passion is unbelievable.

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