Tennis Identity

New eliza audley fashions for tennis. A treat with a cherry on top.

Eliza Audley Dresses Chocolate Covered Cherries Collection eliza audley has released its latest womens fashion collection for tennis. Pictured left are two dress possibilities from the Chocolate Covered Cherries group.

The designer line makes high-end tennis clothing that is cut to flatter and turn heads. Built in bras with cups mean no extra support is needed unless of course you are very amply chested in which case you will need to look to another eliza audley group for more coverage. Their Pros's Rose collection is now on sale.

The Dessert dress (left), $116 has an applique looping necklace like design at the neckline and hem. The fabric has a very slight sheen and because of its mid-weight does not cling. The t-back top assures everything stays in place.

The Cherry-On-Top dress, $112 has a sheen to it as well. No question, you will be noticed. Panels of color gradiated asymmetrical color blocking add even more pizazz to the clean silhouette. I didn't get to play in this one so I can't vouch for whether or not the straps stay put; this style does not have a t-back. Based on the designer's knowledge of the game, however,  I assume it is not a problem.

The group also offers a top and skort. Buy at Tennis-Warehouse or find a local retailer at Eliza Audley. Use the size chart on the site before you buy.