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Andre Agassi’s OPEN. A must-read about one of tennis’ most unique identities.

OPEN an autobiography by Andre AgassiIt has been said that you can't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes. Walk with Andre Agassi in OPEN, his just released autobiography.  If you thought you knew him, you will be blown away. There is sadness in those brown eyes.

The revelations concerning his hair and drug use are only asides in a life where growing up meant unwillingly living tennis larger than anyone can imagine. The cast of characters and settings are familiar. We meet Pete Sampras, Jimmy Connors, Brad Gilbert, Nick Bollettieri, Gil Reyes and many more. OPEN offers a fascinating, intimate glimpse at the inner workings of the game and the player who was once number 1.

Agassi comes across as a sweetheart of a guy, a remarkably talented athlete who has until now held his real story close. The media was far too quick to judge so much. Available now:

Open: An Autobiography

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