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Andy Roddick Commits to Wearing LACOSTE until 2013.

Lacoste Andy Roddick Christophe Chenut Rights Reserved Rumors of Andy Roddick's plans to leave the croc have proven untrue. It was announced today that he has renewed his partnership with LACOSTE until 2013.

"I am proud to represent a brand that has such strong values surrounding family and sports," said Roddick. "After five years I feel a real sense of belonging to the crocodile family. I am happy to continue to be an ambassador of the LACOSTE brand and René Lacoste."

Christophe Chenut, CEO of Lacoste (pictured here with Roddick) said, "We are proud to have a player of this level …Andy embodies the values of a true champion…"

Looking forward to 2010. Congratulations and good luck Andy.

Find the croc at Lacoste.