Tennis Identity

Tennis lessons too big for your budget? Look to FuzzyYellowBalls.

Fuzzy Yellow Balls Logo Private tennis lessons in some parts of the U.S. are running $85 – $120 per hour. That's a big chunk of change for most of us to drop once a week. Group lessons, match play and practice are all good but that private…it can make a big difference. What to do?

Take a look at The site offers detailed, quality instruction that can be downloaded and reviewed again and again. No odd camera angles, wind blowing, grainy picture, etc. These well thought out lessons put together by PTR certified pros can reinforce what you are currently working on or help with a particular shot or even help you think about how to practice better. Here's one on practicing with purpose.

FuzzyYellowBalls offers some content free of charge. The other, labeled Premium Content, costs $24.95 per month. They call it your "unfair advantage." It's very comprehensive and I love how you can download to iPod making it possible to bring the videos to court.

Hey, if you're looking for feedback on your game, there's no substitute for an in-the-flesh private. Consider this an affordable, high-quality substitute or supplement if you've got the bucks. Learn more at FuzzyYellowBalls.