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Wilson Tennis Overhauls Men’s and Women’s Apparel Line for 2010.

Wilson Mens Tennis Fashion 2010

Wilson tennis has a new designer and apparel line. Claire Ortiz, Global Apparel Director, comes from Nike having formerly worked in tennis apparel and on the Air Jordan Line. The new collection represents the collaboration of Ortiz with Wilson designers who also bring years of experience with their past employers Nike and adidas. 
Providing new sourcing knowledge to the group is Andrew Vetterlein, another Nike vet, now Global Director of Sourcing for all of AmerSports (Wilson, Atomic, Salomon).

What has resulted is compelling, comfortable tennis apparel with built in top-of-the-line technology. Nano Tech wicks moisture and dries quickly. SMART design ensures comfortable performance with light fabrics and mostly seamless construction. Some of the line is made with bamboo or recycled polys and wovens. Good for the earth. 

I really liked the look of just about all of it and am eager to court test. The apparel has a cool factor it hasn't in the past.  All in all this is a big step forward for a company that has a huge presence in racquets and wants the same in apparel. I smell competition.

Pictured above is the new men's Federation Square polo in Champions Gold  with Black, $48 USD. High breathability mesh is woven right in for chafe free performance. It is paired with the Woven Federation Square Short, 9" inseam,  in black with accents of white and champions gold, $45. Both wick moisture and have anti microbial properties.

.Wilson Womens Tennis fashion 2010

Above bottom is some of the upcoming women's line, left, the Spring Yarra dress, $65 in oceania and tasman teal and, right, the Tea Lawn Dress, $65 in white with union gold. The Tea Lawn will be out for summer 2010. Yarra will be out in February 2010.The dresses have great bras built in. Really. High performance with power mesh at the t-zone.

Each men's and women's collection has a core group of basics and a more seasonal fashion collection. I'll showcase more as they roll out.

Spring 2010 debuts in stores February.

Find a retailer at Wilson or buy at Tennis-Warehouse.

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