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ZICO, coo coo for coconuts. A natural for your tennis game.

ZICO Sport DrinkBorn in yoga studios and long consumed by the health conscious, ZICO coconut water has been discovered by athletes worldwide. Tennis players including John Isner, Bethanie Mattek-Sands (pictured below) and Magdalena Rybarikova drink the stuff. According to the company Isner requested the beverage during his U.S. Open 5th set vs. Andy Roddick to help with cramping. He went on to win the match in a tie-breaker.

They call it nature’s sports drink. If you’ve ever had coconut milk out of a fresh Bethanie mattek-sandscoconut, that’s the taste, a bit watery with light coconut flavor, exactly what the natural ZICO tastes like. I liked the mango and passion fruit flavored versions best. You must drink it cold in my opinion. It took a while to get used to because I am a diluted Gatorade devotee BUT the from-nature concoction definitely does the trick. I’ll be adding these to my court side cooler. They feel really healthy.

Coconut milk is in fact packed with potassium, low in acidity and helps to rebuild blood volume.* One 11 oz. all-natural ZICO offers more potassium than a banana, zero fat, zero sugar and four essential electrolytes (plus the potassium). Drink it before, during and after your workout as a good-for-you sports drink alternative, just 60 calories.

Find it: ZICO Premium Coconut Water, Natural, 33.8 fl oz (Pack of 6)

*Interesting fact: During WWII coconut water was used as a natural saline drip saving the lives of many allied soldiers. Sounds like a good fit for a court soldier in need of hydration.

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  1. Coconut water or “agua de pipa” is naturally fat-free and low in food energy (16.7 calories or 70 kilojoules per 100 grams).

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