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Wilson Tennis Announces New 2010 BLX Racquet Technology.

Wilson Six One Tour BLX Tennis RacquetWilson has just announced its newest racquet technology, BLX. Roger Federer will debut BLX with the Six One Tour BLX in Abu Dhabi January 1 (pictured, $230 USD). Juan Martin del Potro will use the Pro Tour BLX ($210).

Both player's new racquets are considered "low power" which means you have to generate your own like Fed and del P do. If you seek power for your game you may want to check out the more lightweight Cirrus One BLX ($300) or one of the others noted as medium power. There are fourteen new racquets in the group each a little different to accommodate player needs.

So what's BLX? The new racquet is engineered with basalt fibers combined with proprietary frame, grommet and grip technologies. Basalt is a natural volcanic rock that can be used in manufacturing and made into ultrafine gold fibers. Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with Wilson exclusive [K]arophite Black to create a very advanced composite. Like noise-canceling headphones that filter out unwanted external noise, basalt added to the matrix of the frame knocks ou unwanted extreme frequencies in the racquet. BLX, the new Wilson racquet technology delivers a cleaner feedback and better sensation.  (BL) stands for basalt which is combined to 9 other variables and in total, 10 (X) elements are all connected together for what Wilson calls "PERFECT FEEL."

Visit Wilson to see all the specs or test drive at Tennis-Warehouse soon. Looking forward to a test drive myself.

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