Tennis Identity

Agent X. Mikhail Youzhny’s Racquet String.

Pacific Mikail Youzhny Tennis String It's tough to see which string the pros are using on their racquets but some string makers are getting smarter, making sure you know. Witness the x on Mikhail Youzhny's racquet face.

The x is Pacific's logo. Youzhny's string of choice? The USRA Survey top-rated Pacific Tournament Pro ToughGut, a poly/gut hybrid string that offers gut's love, power and control plus durability, $22.95 per set. Not cheap but anything involving gut never is.

Pacific Tournament Pro ToughGut Tennis String The string comes in 16, 16L and the Russian's choice, the thinner 17 gauge. It has a natural/light orange color scheme.

Youzhny's racquet is the Head YOUTEK Extreme Pro, MSRP $190. You will usually see both the Head and Pacific logos painted on the strings. His apparel? adidas.

Learn more at Pacific, HEAD or buy at Tennis-Warehouse.